Vicken Hovsepian discovered his love of music when he began playing drums at age 12. By the time he got to his first college (Moorpark College), he had already amassed a lot of live and recording experience. Through his time at Moorpark, he met a powerful network of musical peers, and mentors that helped guide him on his musical journey. In 2015, towards the end of his time at Moorpark, Vicken received the opportunity to be a live member of the metal group Warbringer. Touring with them nationally and internationally for a year was absolutely essential in teaching him about the realities of what touring entails.

Over the years, Vicken has had the privilege of studying with many professional drummers in the industry: Matt Garstka, Gregg Bisonette, Thomas Lang, Chad Wackerman, Gergo Borlai, Rich Redmond, Aaron Serfaty, JP Bouvet, and Chris Coleman. Through his time with them, he has been able to hone his craft and develop a unique voice on the drum set.

In early 2017, Vicken had a burning desire to compose and began writing his debut EP, Seek the Sun. With his talented cast of friends, Vicken was able to bring his vision to life and released the EP on May 11th, 2018. In Fall 2018, after a long break from school, Vicken continued his musical education at CalArts as a Performer-Composer student. 

During his time at CalArts, Vicken Hovsepian released Northern Lights (single), The World Beyond (EP), and his latest release To The Wolves (EP). He also began his world percussion duo with friend and colleague Josh Buchignani (EP TBD Late 2020). He also wrote the music for his first video game composition job; a game called Builder's Brawl, a project by students at Chico State that was released independently. Vicken also works as a freelance transcriber and orchestrator, and is known for his accuracy and deep attention to detail. Vicken continues to study world music and drums, and writes music on a consistent basis.