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Drummer, Composer, Session/Live Musician

Vicken Hovsepian is a live/studio drummer and composer based in the greater Los Angeles area. He composes his own music for the Vicken Hovsepian project, performs and collaborates with JAAG collective, composes for film/tv, and does hired performance work (live and studio) for various projects. Vicken is currently at CalArts finishing his BFA in the Performer-Composer program and is studying composition with Ulrich Krieger.

Recent Releases:

Vicken Hovsepian - Northern Lights (Single, February 1st 2019)

Vicken Hovsepian - The World Beyond (EP, May 10th, 2019)

JAAG - The Promised Land (Single, May 9th, 2019)

JAAG - In The Dark (EP, November 29th, 2019)

Upcoming releases:

Vicken Hovsepian - To The Wolves (EP, February 2020)

JAAG - Mirage (Single, Spring 2020)

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